Wednesday morning Coed men 60+ and women 40+ Spring 2019 League

Standings July 17

We have now completed the season, with 100% of games played. Congratulations to division winners Athletic House and Senior Moments.

Week 15 makeup results, 07/17

Athletic House and the Hawks had relatively easy sweeps over the CoStars and Eagles respectively, but PJ’s Sports had their hands full with Senior Moments, needing Bruce Walter’s three-run homer in the hammer 5th to salvage a second-game tie.

Athletic House 21, CoStars (5) 11
Athletic House 15, CoStars (4) 6 (5 in.)
PJ’s Sports 8, Senior Moments (3) 4 (5 in.)
PJ’s Sports 6, Senior Moments 6 (5 in.)
Hawks 12, Eagles (3) 3 (5 in.)
Hawks 6, Eagles 3 (5 in.)
bye: Falcons

Week 14 makeup results, 07/10

Today’s games decided both division races. Athletic House, turning five double plays, swept the Hawks to clinch Division A over idle PJ’s Sports. Senior Moments swept the Falcons to take a three-game lead with two games remaining. All the drama came on field #3, where the CoStars, down 17-4 after 4 1/2 innings, staved off a mercy rule loss, then came up just short in the inverted top of the 7th. In the second game, the CoStars defense tightened up behind Bob Marchone’s walk-free pitching to earn the split. With today’s games under our belts, the rain date for next week’s cross-division games will have to be 7/24.

Athletic House 16, Hawks (2) 6
Athletic House 15, Hawks 3 (5 in.)
Senior Moments (0) 15, Falcons 8
Senior Moments 15, Falcons 7
Eagles (0) 18, CoStars 17
CoStars 6, Eagles 1 (6 in., managers’ agreement)
bye: PJ’s Sports

Week 15 makeup schedule, 07/17

OM3: Eagles (3) v. Hawks
OM4: CoStars (5) v. Athletic House
OM5: Senior Moments (3) v. PJ’s Sports
bye: Falcons

Week 13 results, 07/03

All games canceled due to wet fields.

Week 15 makeup schedule, 07/17
OM3: Eagles (3) v. Hawks
OM4: CoStars (+5) v. Athletic House
OM5: Senior Moments (3) v. PJ’s Sports
bye: Falcons

Week 12 results, 06/26

Unlimited innings played a major role in four of the six games today.

Athletic House erupted for nine runs in the 7th vs. PJ’s Sports to ice the opening game win.  The Falcons scored five in the top of the 8th in the second game vs. the Eagles.  And the 7th was key to both Senior Moments-CoStars games.

In the openers, John Cottrell tripled for two runs and then scored on a hit to give SM a 1-run lead, and the defense shut out the CoStars in the hammer.  But in the second game, the CoStars returned the favor, scoring six in the upper 7th.  The second game saw 41 runs scored, and the two games totaled 70 runs, both probably league records.  A more dubious probable record: the second game didn’t finish until around 12:45 PM.

Athletic House 21, PJ’s Sports (2) 7
Athletic House 15, PJ’s Sports 3 (5 in.)
Falcons (0) 8, Eagles 6
Falcons 12, Eagles 7 (8 in.)
Senior Moments 15, CoStars 14
CoStars 24, Senior Moments 17
bye: Hawks

Week 11 makeup results, 06/19
All games canceled due to wet fields.

Week 10 results, 06/12

This morning Senior Moments opened up a two-game lead over the Falcons in Division B by means of an easy sweep. With both teams short-handed, Athletic House edged the Hawks in the opener of two defense-dominated games.  The Hawks, with no women present, got the worst of the short rosters. The Eagles, previously winless, took the opener with strong defense and Alan Shevitz’s walk-free pitching.  In the second game, the CoStars began with twin five-run innings and led, 13-9, entering the 7th inning with the top of the order.  The Eagles scored three before the CoStars finally closed the inning for the split.

Athletic House 9, Hawks (2) 7
Athletic House 10, Hawks 4
Senior Moments (0) 14, Falcons 4
Senior Moments 18, Falcons 6
Eagles 9, CoStars 2
CoStars 13, Eagles 12
bye: PJ’s Sports

Week 09 results, 06/05

Our second and final day of cross-division single games resulted in three sweeps by Division A, but not without drama. The Hawks edged Senior Moments in their opener, and the CoStars were tied at 11 with Athletic House after five innings before AH broke it open with five runs in the 6th and 11 in the upper 7th.

Athletic House 14, Falcons (5) 4
Athletic House 27, CoStars (5) 14
PJ’s Sports 18, Eagles (3) 10
PJ’s Sports 20, Senior Moments (3) 10
Hawks 14, Senior Moments (3) 13
Hawks 17, Eagles (3) 2, 5 in.

Week 08 results, 05/29

Once again, on a day more like July than May, there were two splits and one sweep. Senior Moments took two from the Eagles and now trail the Falcons in Division B by only two standings points. They have played three fewer games than the Falcons.

The Hawks came back with a great defensive game to earn the split with PJ’s. Defense was even more the decisive factor between the Falcons and CoStars. The CoStars scored five in the first inning and none for the rest of the game but held the Falcons to three single runs. In the second game the Falcons broke a 2-2 tie in the 6th and held on for the comeback win.

PJ’s Sports (0) 12, Hawks 6
Hawks 9, PJ’s Sports 3
Senior Moments (0) 13, Eagles 10
Senior Moments 11, Eagles 6
CoStars (0) 5, Falcons 3
Falcons 3, CoStars 2
bye: Athletic House

Week 07 results, 05/22

The second week of in-division games saw two splits and one sweep. Athletic House rebounded from a PJ’s Sports onslaught to shut down PJ’s in the hammer. Senior Moments whitewashed the CoStars in the opener behind Jim Ehrenfried’s pitching, but in the second game the CoStars scored four in each of the first three innings, then held on for the split and their first win. The Falcons defense produced a sweep and put them in clear posession of first place in Division B.

PJ’s Sports (+2) 23, Athletic House 9 (6 in.)
Athletic House 14, PJ’s Sports 12
Senior Moments (0) 12, CoStars 0 (6 in.)
CoStars 13, Senior Moments 8
Falcons (0) 12, Eagles 7
Falcons 6, Eagles 2
bye: Hawks

Week 06 results, 05/15 — all games canceled due to wet fields, replay date TBD

Week 05 results, 05/08

Another day of cross-division games saw the first win by a Division B team. The Falcons rebounded in the second game, blanking the powerful Hawks lineup in the bottom of the 7th. Senior Moments nearly pulled off another Division B win, trailing by only 12-10 entering the 7th, but George Riggs hit a 3-run homer to give Athletic House breathing room, and the AH defense prevailed in the hammer. PJ’s Sports, having played two more games than AH, stayed in first place, sweeping the Eagles with a first-game attack and second-game defense. Next week will be the final day with the 10 AM start time. Beginning 5/22, games begin at 9:30.

PJ’s Sports 19, Eagles (+3) 9
PJ’s Sports 11, Eagles 4
Athletic House 15, Senior Moments (+5) 10
Athletic House 17, Senior Moments 12
Hawks 15, Falcons (+3) 8
Falcons 12, Hawks 7
bye: CoStars

Week 04 results, 05/01

The first day of within-division games produced some close ones, as predicted. PJ’s Sports swept the Hawks to forge ahead of idle Athletic House in Division A. Senior Moments nosed out the Eagles before coasting in the second game. The Falcons defense behind closer Phil Morales snuffed out CoStars rallies in the 7th inning of both games.

PJ’s Sports 19, Hawks 12
PJ’s Sports 12, Hawks 7
Senior Moments 13, Eagles 11
Senior Moments 15, Eagles 7
Falcons 14, CoStars 13
Falcons 7, CoStars 3
bye: Athletic House

Week 03 results, 04/24

On the first of two split doubleheader days, Division A prevailed in five games, with the Hawks again settling for a tie, this time with the Falcons. Next week begins divisional play. There should be some close games.

Athletic House 17, Senior Moments (+5) 4 (5 in.)
Athletic House 16, Eagles (+5) 5
PJ’s Sports 18, CoStars 6 (6 in.)
PJ’s Sports 17, Falcons 6
Hawks 9, Falcons 9
Hawks 13, CoStars 6

Week 02 results, 4/17

Another fine day for softball. Senior Moments snapped the Division A cross-division win streak, coming back to earn a 14-14 tie. The Falcons kept it fairly close vs. Athletic House, while PJ’s Sports, with strong defense behind Bob DeWese’s pitching, kept the CoStars in single digits.

Athletic House 21, Falcons (+5) 13
Athletic House 17, Falcons 11
PJ’s Sports 18, CoStars (+3) 3 (6 in.)
PJ’s Sports 15, CoStars 6
Hawks 16, Senior Moments (+3) 8
Hawks 14, Senior Moments 14

Week 01 results, 4/10

The three Division A teams all earned sweeps, but very differently. Athletic House had an easy time vs. the Eagles, winning 20-8 and 23-7. The CoStars kept pace with the Hawks for five innings, it the Hawks prevailed, 18-12 and 14-6. PJ’s Sports and the Falcons provided what drama there was. PJ’s took the opener, 13-3, but the Falcons came back to take an 11-8 lead after six innings. However, PJ’s pushed across five runs in the 7th and blanked the Falcons in the hammer.

Athletic House 20, Eagles (+5) 8
Athletic House 23, Eagles 7
PJ’s Sports 13, Falcons (+3) 3
PJ’s Sports 13, Falcons 11
Hawks 18, CoStars (+3) 12
Hawks 14, CoStars 6
Bye: Senior Moments