2014 marks the ninth year that MCSSA will provide umpires for its senior softball leagues. Umpires are recruited from the MCSSA membership and the Maryland Softball Umpires Association(MSUA) to officiate MCSSA managed league games.  Clinics are held to train the umpires and veteran umpires lend assistance to newly recruited officials.  Umpires receive a stipend for their services.

Prior to 2006, league games were self-umpired by players from the teams playing the game.  Commissioners of the 70+ Monday Super Senior League, 60+ Ross Emerson League (Tuesday/Thursday), Wednesday Co-Rec League and the Friday Evening Draft League have found it advantageous to have an independent, trained umpire to officiate the games.

As of the start of the 2014 Spring softball season, the 15 umpires listed below are assigned to officiate the games:

John Rice, Umpire-in-Chief
Joe Band
Spike Bauroth
Al Beard
Jerry Cohen
Keith Cunningham
Bob Dewese
Jack Gaegler
Joe Fry
David Hyder
Don Juran
Phil Morales
Glenn Orletsky
Richard Sherman
Bob Taylor

On this web site, see links to MCSSA Softball Rules, 2014 Umpire Handouts on Selected Softball Rules, and other interesting data concerning umpiring.

Anyone interested in becoming an umpire, contact John Rice at [email protected] or by telephone on 301-231-7822.

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