Basketball 2018-2019 Registration


Senior Basketball League

It is the intent of MCSSA to provide an over 70 basketball league on Friday afternoon at the Bauer Drive Recreation Center as well as an over 60 basketball league on Sunday ‘s, both beginning in January 2019. If there are insufficient numbers registered to provide a 5 on 5 league, the registered participants will be offered an option to compete in a 3 on 3 league in both age groups.

Last year 24 participants played in a very competitive 3 on 3 league as numbers did not warrant full court 5 on 5 basketball. Teams played 2 game a day, teams were competitive, scores were close, and above all else the participants got plenty of exercise. Many indicated they actually got the opportunity to play instead of just a few players who do most of the dribbling and shooting.

The choice is yours. MCSSA stands ready to assist the senior athlete in organizing leagues and events, but we can’t register for you. If you are interested, please register as soon as possible. Don’t wait to see who else registers or constantly request of us; “who else is playing.” If the league doesn’t go, your registration fee will be returned immediately.

Send in the form with a notation whether you support a 3 on 3 league if there are not enough participants who register for 5 on 5 within your chosen age group.

We hope to see you on the court.